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Access Protomaps

Access Protomaps is a month-to-month subscription for developer support from the Protomaps team. Its includes:

  • Your development questions answered in real-time by experts in web mapping over Slack or Teams or equivalent "single user" or "guest" channel
  • 24-hour communication responsiveness
  • Severable by either party for any reason by notification by 1st of the month
  • Monthly invoice $2,000
  • Knowing what is possible with open source software and then knowing the pathway to achieve success requires significant investment and experience. Access Protomaps gives your team the option to boost your investment in technologies that Protomaps has developed and managed over a decade in the open source web mapping ecosystem.


Direct support of the following open source software:

Open source support activities:

  • Bug fixing
  • Open source roadmap
  • Open source debugging
  • Open source packaging support
  • Construction of demonstration software e.g. build pipelines, authorization

Consulting on vector tiling challenges:

  • Visualization options and tools
  • Review of your private datasets
  • Cloud storage and CDN deployment support
  • Optimization

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