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web maps

Protomaps is a complete platform for global vector cartography.
Add maps to your websites, visualizations and mobile apps - online, offline or self-hosted.

A vector map platform

Vector maps enable custom map appearance, language localization and label fonts.

  • Open data

    Protomaps is based on open data; you can combine the maps with other web services and overlays, and even improve the data yourself.

  • Universally compatible

    Uses the vector tiles standard, meaning you can use it with the simple Leaflet library and plugins, or other popular map renderers for the web and native apps.

Hosted Map API

A fast, CDN-accelerated global map solution for websites, visualizations and more.

Get a free API key

Read the docs: Web Map API

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Map Bundles

Map Bundles are downloadable, self-contained software and tiled data for creating focused maps of specific areas, like neighborhoods and small cities.

Download a map bundle

Read the docs: Protomaps Map Bundles

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Frequently asked questions

How is map data licensed?

Applications that use OSM should follow the Open Database License requirements and attribute © OpenStreetMap in the corner of maps.

How do I report a problem with the maps?

Help finding problems on the map is greatly appreciated! If you notice something that exists in OSM but is not rendered correctly, contact [email protected]

Who is developing Protomaps?

Protomaps is a 100% independent project with significant open source components. You can find me on twitter at @bdon.