Docs: Web Maps API OSM Express

The Protomaps mapping system, from bottom to top:

Raw Geographical Data

Use Minutely Extracts to download up-to-the minute raw OpenStreetMap data.

OSM Express is the open source library that powers minutely extracts.

Web Map API

The Web Map API is a hosted, CDN-accelerated web service for vector basemap tiles. Find your API key on the Dashboard.

Map Renderers

The Web Map API is designed for use with the Tangram map renderer, which works with all plugins in the LeafletJS ecosystem. Read more at Web Map API - Renderers.

The Web Map API also works with the MapboxGL JS rendering library, which has its own ecosystem of plugins.

protomaps2d is a experimental WebAssembly-based renderer for map tiles. It's not recommended for production use right now.