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A free and open source
map of the world

Protomaps is an open source map of the world, deployable as a single static file on cloud storage. View docs

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File: 20231030.pmtiles

Open source format

PMTiles is an open specification for single-file tile pyramids built on compressed Hilbert ordering and queryable via HTTP Range Requests.

Learn about PMTiles

CDN Integration

Protomaps can optionally be delivered through an edge network like AWS Cloudfront and Cloudflare for ultra-low latency, using Lambda or Workers.

Deploy on CDN

Frontend Friendly

First-class support for mapping libraries like Leaflet and MapLibre GL to enable vector cartography and visualization of your own geodata.

Map Rendering

“Protomaps is the single most exciting development in digital mapping in the past 10 years.”

Aaron Straup Cope

Quick Start

Protomaps hosts a free Download service for base map layers from OpenStreetMap.

Download a free custom basemap file

Download pre-packaged data of the entire world

npm install pmtiles
import * as pmtiles from 'pmtiles'

let protocol = new pmtiles.Protocol()
var style = {
"version": 8,
"sources": {
    "example_source": {
        "type": "vector",
        "url": "pmtiles://https://mysite/mydata.pmtiles",
        "attribution": '© OpenStreetMap'
  • A fraction of the cost

    Can reduce your mapping bills from hundreds per month to pennies, all on cloud infrastructure you use already.

  • Take back control

    Your map-based projects and sites don't depend on a third party service or API keys, and work offline, forever.

  • Hosted API

    Protomaps also maintains a Tiles API - get a free API key. It's free for non-commercial use, or commercial use paired with a GitHub sponsorship.

A 100% independent software project

Protomaps is a self-funded, solo developer project with a mission to make interactive cartography accessible to hobbyists and organizations of all sizes. An essential part of that mission is publishing open source software under commercial-friendly licenses.

You can support my full-time work on Protomaps in a few ways:

Contact me