What's the difference from Google or Apple Maps?

Besides being based on open source data, Protomaps aims to have first-class support for a wide range of JavaScript frontends and mapping ecosystems.

What's the difference compared to other OpenStreetMap services?

Designing any basemap requires tradeoffs between detail, size and visibility of features at different zoom levels. The unique design goals of Protomaps are:

  • - A focus on "single origin" data sourced from OSM, at all scales, without relying on mixing in other datasets.
  • - A library of simple map styles to use as a base, targeting all popular map renderers.
  • - Frequent updates from the main OSM database.
  • - Including all name tags, enabling localization beyond dominant languages.
  • - Creative cartographic generalization techniques for large scale maps.

How do I report a problem with the map?

Help finding problems on the map is greatly appreciated! If you notice something that exists in OSM but is not rendered correctly, contact [email protected]

Who is developing Protomaps?

Protomaps is an independent project by Brandon Liu, and the newest generation of map rendering systems I've been working on since 2014. You can find me on twitter at @bdon.