Protomaps Map Bundles


A Protomaps Map Bundle is a self-contained, downloadable package of software and tiled cartographic data that makes it easy to self-host custom cartographic applications.

Getting Started

Users are limited to bundles of 500,000 nodes; this is enough to cover small cities, or neighborhoods in densely mapped areas. For information on larger bundles - up to hundreds of millions of nodes - please contact [email protected]

After downloading a Map Bundle from , unzip the downloaded ZIP file and run the program:


This should open the location localhost:3857 in your web browser, zoomed to the location of the map bundle.

Choosing between "compressed files" and "mbtiles"

  • Choosing "compressed files" will include a tile pyramid organized into directories by tile coordinates in Z/X/Y order, e.g. 12/123/234.pbf .
  • This is not ideal for map bundles with more than a few thousand tiles.
  • For smaller tilesets, this choice is convenient to directly upload to a file storage API such as S3. Ensure you set CORS headers (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) and Content-Encoding:gzip to let browsers access tiles from the storage API directly.
  • Choosing mbtiles will provide a single SQLite file for tiled data, which is much more efficient for thousands of tiles or more.

Choosing between "leaflet" and "mapboxgl"

  • Choosing leaflet will include example code in index.html as well as a style.yaml file for the Tangram JS renderer, with default values for source and bounds. The source of this style file can be changed to point to a different tile source path.

  • Choosing mapboxGL will include example code for the MapboxGL renderer as well as an example style.json, with default values for source and bounds.

Getting Updated Data

Protomaps Map Bundles are built from minute-level snapshots of the entire OpenStreetMap database. If your downloaded Map Bundle can have its data improved, edits you make on will be picked up within a few minutes; simply "Refresh" the map bundle on its download page. You can access your Map Bundle history at My Downloads.