OSM Data

Protomaps is based on the OpenStreetMap dataset. This dataset is collaboratively edited and openly licensed. In addition to making maps, this dataset can be used for applications like geocoding and routing.

Applications that use OSM should follow the Open Database License requirements and attribute © OpenStreetMap in the corner of maps.
Minutely Extracts

Protomaps Minutely Extracts is a free service for on-demand OpenStreetMap for any region of the world. Edits from openstreetmap.org appear within minutes. Downloads are in the PBF format and can be used with the entire ecosystem of OSM tools as well as GIS applications.

Download Extracts

OSM Express (osmx) powers Protomaps services - it's a command line tool, C++ library and data serialization format for working with OSM data and update files. It's open sourced under the BSD License on GitHub.