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· 7 min read
Brandon Liu

If you develop for the web, you've probably heard of OpenStreetMap, an open data alternative to Google Maps. Despite the wide name recognition of OSM, you may have questions like how do I make a web map with OSM data? and how can I host maps myself?

There are popular guides on how to work with planet files, PostGIS databases, and run tileservers for the OSM "slippy map" style. Even if you figure those out, you may be curious about vector maps for high-DPI sharpness and client-side customization of appearance and labels.

Protomaps is a new basemap system which is an end-to-end rethinking of this entire stack, oriented around the idea that custom mapmaking should be simple.

· 4 min read
Brandon Liu

A common user interaction in GIS applications is selecting a bounding box or polygon:

Your application may then use this polygon to do things like:

  • Render a high resolution, printable map image.
  • Generate a report of the surface area of buildings.
  • Calculate an isochrone map of distance to transit.